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What made this woman say Woo Hoo at Smoler Smiles?

Full mouth implants with no pain or swelling with Dr.Bruce Smoler

Pat had missing teeth for over 20 years. He didn’t want to talk to people and covered his mouth often. He could no longer chew properly and had to “gum” many foods. He wanted to change his life and eat the food he wanted, and eat healthy.

He choose Smoler Institute and Dr. Smoler’s team to help change his life by receiving dental implants. After the procedure he smiles more, talks to people more and can’t stop smiling. He is so grateful for Dr. Smoler’s Teeth in A Day procedure.

Colleen was in good dental health for most of her life. Over the past years her dental health started to deteriorate. Over time she lost her front teeth, she didn’t want to live like that anymore. She wanted no more pain and to be able to chew and bite without pain and discomfort. Colleen works two jobs and liked talking with her customers and friends and family. She decided to fix her teeth and found Dr. Smoler, Smoler Institute. She was pleased to have her smile back. She finds herself smiling more often and enjoying her meals without pain.

Samantha had issues with her upper lip exposing too much gum line when she smiled. After multiple consults at different specialty offices with no success, Samantha was recommended to See Dr.Bruce Smoler. At Smoler Institute, Dr.Smoler was able to perform a lip lowering, non-evasive treatment and help Samantha gain her confidence back and as a result she is smiling so much more!

Rhonda had chronic gum disease starting as a youth. Throughout the years she went to several specialists that just could not seem to help her with her health issues and her budget. Ronda searched the internet and found Dr. Bruce Smoler. From her first visit of walking in the door she found the comfort, dental care and proper treatments for her budget she wanted and needed.

Tammy was always in pain and getting sick a lot from poor digestion due to her own neglect in her dental care. Tammy’s social anxiety was always high, and she never wanted to smile. Tammy researched online looking for ways to improve her health and smile. She found Dr. Bruce Smoler and the Smoler Institute of Implant Dentistry to help her get fully healthy.

Richard came to see Dr. Bruce Smoler with missing and broken down teeth. Teeth with loss of function due to not seeing a dentist on the regular. Richard became unable to chew and eat properly and started to have health and digestive issues. Richard decided enough was enough and got his treatment going at the Smoler Institute of Implant Dentistry.

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